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Cocktail Gift Set

Cocktail Gift Set


Cocktail Gift Set 


Our cocktail gift boxes inlcude:


  • 1 x 500ml bottle of cocktail
  • 2 x glasses (couple, vintage highball, vintage tumbler, tall cocktail glass or Tiki Highball)
  • Cocktail making guide
  • Gift card


Below is a list of the glassware with each cocktail. Should you wish to change the glasses, please do comment in the box through checkout. 


Porn star martini - couple glasses

Quarantini - couple glasses

Mojito - vintage highballs

Espresso martini - couple glasses

Cosmopolitan - couple glasses

Lychee martini - couple glasses

Mango & passion fruit Daiquiri - couple glasses

Long island iced tea - Tall cocktail highballs

Old fashioned - vintage whiskey tumbler glasses

Negroni - vintage whiskey tumbler glasses

Rum punch - Tiki glasses

Margarita - vintage whiskey tumbler glasses

Gin Bramble - vintage whiskey tumbler glasses

Picanté - vintage whiskey tumbler glasses


For the gift card, please enter the details in the box provided. If this is left empty, we will not send a card. 


Gift Set - Please note that due to supply, the gift box and filling may be a different colour and type to the one shown in the picture.