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5 x Bottle Gift Box

5 x Bottle Gift Box

SKU: HGGS-5200

We are currently waiting for stock of the 200ml bottles so any orders placed will not be dispatched until the 3rd March 2021. Please only order if this is acceptable.


5 x mini cocktail bottles Gift Set


Whats included:

5 x 200ml bottled cocktails

Gift card


Below are the cocktails currently available in our 200ml bottles gift sets (the favourites).


Porn Star Martini


Espresso Martini

Lychee Martini



GIFT The box of 5 will come in a box - the perfect gift. If the gift card section is left empty, no gift card will be sent. Please note that due to supply, the gift box and filling may be a different colour to the one shown in the picture.


Please note that due to availability, you may have one or two cocktails swaps but we promise they'll be as tasty as the ones listed. 

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