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Frequently asked questions

What goes into the cocktails?

Only the ingredients which would go into these cocktails in a bar. Nothing else is added.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are usually dispatched the following working day but during busy periods, it may be two working days to process your order. If you have ordered via standard delivery then it'll be with you within 2-4 days. If you have booked Next Day delivery then it'll be with you the following day (if ordered prior to 11am). If ordered after 11am then it'll be with you the day after. For example, if ordered at 11am on Monday, it'll be with you on Tuesday. If ordered at 1pm on Monday, it'll be with you on Wednesday. Due to Covid19, delivering can take slightly longer to get to you due to the volume of parcels being processed by our courier companies we work with. We apologise for the delay.

How many cocktails do you get per bottle?

For our standard 500ml bottle, you will get at least 4 cocktails (125ml per serving). For our 1L bottles, you will get at least 8 cocktails (125ml per serving).

My cocktail bottle looks seperated, is that OK?

Yes, as we only use the correct ingredients, you need to give the bottle a little shake before using it to make sure all the ingredients are combined.

Is there a limit on how many bottles i can order?

No, you can order as many as you like :)

How long will my bottle last?

We lightly pasturise our cocktails so they can last up to 1 year on the shelf (but we hope they arent on the shelf that long!).

If we haven't covered your question then please do get in touch with us.